Artist's Book Yearbook: 2010-2011

Bodman, S. L., ed. (2009) Artist's Book Yearbook: 2010-2011. University of the West of England: Impact Press. ISBN 978-1-906501-02-0 Available from:

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Essays: An interview with Dmitry Sayenko on his hand-printed books and the state of book arts in Russia; An interview with L. Vandergrift Davala, discussing how interactive digital technologies can be used in the production of book works; Banu Cennetoglu on the project space BAS for artists’ books in Istanbul; John Bently explores his favourite post-apocalyptic literature; An essay by staff at the Media and Design Academy, in Genk, Belgium, who have been experimenting with matching ‘word authors’ and ‘image authors’ to create experimental books and ways of presenting them; Andrew Eason asks what we want from critical thinking on artists’ books; Francis Elliott of Foundry press offers some strategies for proper dissemination of artists’ books through Wikipedia; Trish Carney Schilling gives an entertaining personal account of the joys and pitfalls of the business side of her work at Indulgence Press alongside her partner Wilber (Chip) Schilling; Julie Barratt provides an overview of contemporary printmaking and artists’ books in Australia; Lina Hakim in Beirut discusses her practice around the book; Linda Newington extols the virtues of knitting and sewing artists’ books; Chris Allen and Tanya Peixoto remember Stanley Chapman - advocate and practitioner of Pataphysics by Deed; Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck examines and discusses the growth and reception of Ebooks; Nancy Campbell plays devil’s advocate for the not so humble bookmark, and last but certainly not least the wonderful seekers of lice publishes a performative text which asks us some searching questions about artists’ books practice. Artists’ pages by: Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Jordan Evans-Viney, Hanne Matthiesen, Paul Laidler, Ado Hamelryck, Julie Johnstone, Lucy Harrington, Mark Addison Smith, Tina Hill, Tony White and Radoslaw Nowakowski. Listings sections of international book activity: publishers, organisations, presses, studios, collections, galleries, bookshops, journals, reference books, design, print and bind services, fairs and festivals, competitions and events. Listings from over 170 artists making books in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Cyprus, Australia, Turkey, Croatia, Lithuania, Norway, Estonia, Romania, Cuba, and many more countries… 258pp, black and white offset print throughout.

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