How to deposit

  • Go to and login using your UWE login.
  • Click on New Item.
  • Work through the deposit process (Deposit Agreement, Item Type, Upload, Details, Keywords, Deposit).
  • Please complete the starred fields and as many other fields as possible.
  • If possible, upload the full text (details in Notes on uploading the full text).
    If this is not possible, a bibliographic record only will be created.
  • When you have entered the required data, go to the Deposit section and click on Deposit Item Now.
  • To pause the process, click on Save for Later. The record will remain in your Work Area and be accessible via Manage Deposits.
  • To amend a record after it has been deposited, return it to your Work Area by clicking on:
    Manage Deposits > View Item (icon=magnifying glass) > Actions > Return to Work Area

Quick deposit using Import Items

  • If you know the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or PubMed ID you can use the Import Items option to complete some of the fields automatically.
  • You can also use Import Items to import records from bibliographic software.
  • To import from RefWorks use the BibTex format. (Some editing of the imported records may be necessary.)

Getting help

You can use the ? symbols to access on-screen help.

Help is also available from:

  • Faculty Research Administrators
  • Faculty Librarians
  • Repository staff (