Notes on uploading the full text

Deposit Agreement

The Deposit Agreement requires you to confirm that you have the right to deposit the item. You should bear in mind:

  • Any copyright transfer agreement you have signed
  • The need to seek permission from co-authors
  • The need to seek permission from third parties (e.g. for images or diagrams)
  • Other regulatory requirements, for example in relation to:
    • Publication of personal data
    • Export of technology

Repository staff will check the copyright position, using the SHERPA RoMEO database in the case of journal articles, and will contact you if there are difficulties.


If the item has been published, please upload the "author's final" version. This is the version most often stipulated by publishers for use in repositories. It is the author-created version sent to the publisher post-refereeing. The publisher's PDF is unlikely to be acceptable.

File formats

If possible, please upload the item in its original format (e.g. Word).

Repository staff will convert the item to PDF/A (a version of PDF suitable for long-term archiving). The original format will also be retained.

If the original format is LaTeX, please convert to PDF/A yourself (it is best done on your own computer) and provide both versions.

  • You can convert to PDF/A using he Save As facility in Word 2007:
    Save As > PDF > Options > ISO 190005-1 compliant (PDF/A).

Providing additional information

Please use the Comments and Suggestions field to send to Repository staff any explanatory notes you think would be helpful.

Getting help

You can use the ? symbols to access on-screen help.

Help is also available from:

  • Faculty Research Administrators
  • Faculty Librarians
  • Repository staff (