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Green, S., Beeson, I. and Nwakacha, J. (2013) An evaluation of four patterns of interaction for integrating disparate ESBs effectively and easily. Journal of Systems Integration, 4 (3). pp. 3-19. ISSN 1804-2724 Available from:

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Book Section

Green, S., Abughoush, A., Beeson, I., Hill, T. and Nwakacha, J. (2010) Establishing a business process management system in a telecoms company. In: Howlett, R. J., ed. (2010) Innovation through Knowledge Transfer. (Volume) Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, pp. 61-68. ISBN 978-3-642-14593-3 Available from:

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Conference or Workshop Item

Mavaddat, M., Beeson, I., Green, S. and Sa, J. (2011) Facilitating business process discovery using email analysis. In: 1st International Conference on Business Intelligence and Technology, Rome, Italy, 25th - 30th Septmeber, 2011. Available from:

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