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van Tuyl, L. H., Sadlonova, M., Davis, B., Flurey, C. A., Goel, N., Hewlett, S., Hill, C. L., Hoogland, W., Kirwan, J. R., van Schaardenburg, D., Scholte-Voshaar, M., Smolen, J. S., Stamm, T., Wells, G. A. and Boers, M. (2016) Remission in rheumatoid arthritis: Working toward incorporation of the patient perspective at OMERACT 12. Journal of Rheumatology, 43 (1). pp. 203-207. ISSN 0315-162X Available from:

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van Tuyl, L. H. D., Hewlett, S., Sadlonova, M., Davis, B., Flurey, C. A., Hoogland, W., Kirwan, J., Sanderson, T., van Schaardenburg, D., Scholte-Voshaar, M., Smolen, J., Stamm, T. and Boers, M. (2014) The patient perspective on remission in rheumatoid arthritis: ‘You've got limits, but you're back to being you again’. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, 74 (6). pp. 1004-1010. ISSN 0003-4967 Available from:

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Kirwan, J. R., Heidberg, T., Hewlett, S., Hughes, R., Kvien, T., Ahlmen, M., Boers, M., Minnock, P., Saag, K., Shea, B., Suarez Almazor, M. and Taal, E. (2003) Outcomes from the patient perspective workshop at OMERACT 6. Journal of Rheumatology, 30 (4). pp. 868-872. ISSN 0315-162X Available from:

Wells, G., Anderson, J., Boers, M., Felson, D., Heilberg, T., Hewlett, S., Johnson, K., Kirwan, J. R., Lassere, M., Robinson, V., Shea, B., Simon, L., Stran, V., Van Riel, P. and Tugwell, P. (2003) MCID/Low disease activity state workshop: Summary, recommendations and research agenda. Journal of Rheumatology, 30 (5). pp. 1115-1118. ISSN 0315-162X Available from:

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