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Gough, P. (2011) Cultivating dead trees: The legacy of Paul Nash as an artist of trauma, wilderness and recovery. Journal of War and Culture Studies, 4 (3). pp. 323-340. ISSN 1752-6272 Available from:

Gough, P. (2011) The Silent Village exhibition and publication: Peter Finnemore, Rachel Trezise and Paolo Ventura in response to the 1943 film, The Silent Village by Humphrey Jennings. Exhibition curator and main author of the accompanying publication Dr Russell Roberts, Reader in Photography at the European Centre for Photographic Research, University of Wales, Newport. Ffoto Gallery, Cardiff. Photography and Culture, 4 (1). pp. 103-106. ISSN 1751-4517 Available from:

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Book Section

Gough, P. (2012) Banksy: Painter, polemicist, or prankster? In: Gough, P., ed. (2012) Banksy: The Bristol Legacy. Bristol: Redcliffe. ISBN 9781906593964 Available from:

Gough, P. (2012) Banksy: The Bristol legacy. In: Gough, P., ed. (2012) Banksy: The Bristol Legacy. Bristol: Sansom and Company. ISBN 9781906593964 Available from:

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Gough, P. (2010) Painting on the edge: Julian Perry’s paintings of the apocalyptic erosion on England’s eastern coastline. In: Austin/Desmond Fine Art London, , ed. (2010) An extraordinary prospect: the coastal erosion paintings. Austin Desmond, pp. 4-7. ISBN 9781872926339 Available from:

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Gough, P. (2001) 'Through the wrong end of the telescope': Military drawing and British War artists, 1914 – 1918. In: Gough, P., ed. (2001) Peindre la Grande Guerre 1914 – 1918, Cahiers d’etudes et de recherches du Musee de’l’Armee Paris. Paris, France: IMAM, Musee de’l’Armee Paris , pp. 97-111. ISBN 2-901418-260 Available from:

Report or Working Paper

Gough, P. (2012) EDGE:LANDS. Catalogue of drawings and paintings by Paul Gough. Other. Vortex, Bristol. Available from:

Conference or Workshop Item

Gough, P. and David Cross, Matthew Cornford (2007) Words are not enough. In: Words are not enough, Nuclear Bunker, Southwark, London, 16 June 2007. Available from:

Gough, P. (2005) ‘Garden of gratitude’: the National Memorial Arboretum and strategic ‘remembering’. In: People & their Pasts. International Public History Conference, Ruskin College, Oxford, 16-17 September, 2005. Available from:


Gough, P., ed. (2011) Your loving friend, Stanley. Sansom & Co . ISBN 9781906593766 Available from:

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Gough, P. and Otter Gallery, Chichester (2009) Remembrance and Restoration: Exploring the imagery of war, resurrection & recovery. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Gough, P. (2009) Unseen Memorials. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

France, J., Crespo, B., Gough, P., Uphadya, V., Joshi, A., Sharma, H., Fujiwara, Y. and Kurimazawa, C. (2009) Error 3. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Gough, P. (2009) Error 3. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Gough, P. and Jeremy Diggle (2006) Re-memberings. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Gough, P. (2001) Loci Memoriae. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

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