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Book Section

Williams, E., Pead, S., Whiteman, M., Wood, M. E., Wilson, I. D., Ladomery, M., Teklic, T., Lisjak, M. and Hancock, J. T. (2015) Detection of thiol modifications by hydrogen sulfide. In: Cadenas, E. and Packer, L., eds. (2015) Hydrogen Sulfide in Redox Biology Part B. 1st. UK: Academic Press, pp. 233-251. ISBN 9780128015117 Available from:

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Conference or Workshop Item

Hancock, J. T., Whiteman, M., Wood, M., Wilson, I. D., Ladomery, M., Williams, E., Teklic, T. and Lisjak, M. (2014) Three players with the same goal: Hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide as part of the same team. In: Lambertz, M., Grommes, K. and Perry, S., eds. Abstracts of the Third International Congress of Respiratory Science, Bad Honnef, Germany, 6-10 July 2014., pp. 24-25 Available from:

Wilm, B. and Ladomery, M. (2009) A report of the first international WT1 meeting, university of manchester UK, 2008. In: A report of the first international WT1 meeting, University of Manchester UK, 2008. University of Manchester, UK: UNSPECIFIED Available from:


Elliott, D. and Ladomery, M. (2015) The Molecular Biology of RNA. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199671397 Available from:

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