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Llewellyn, A., McCabe, C., Hibberd, Y., White, P., Davies, L., Marinus, J., Perez, R., Thomassen, I., Brunner, F., Sontheim, C., Birklein, F., Schlereth, T., Goebel, A., Haigh, R., Connett, R., Maihofner, C., Knudsen, L., Norman, R. N., Zyluk, A., Shulman, D., Small, H., Gobeil, F. and Moskovitz, P. (2018) Are you better? A multi-centre study of patient-defined recovery from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. European Journal of Pain, 22 (3). pp. 551-564. ISSN 1090-3801 Available from:

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Brun, Clémentine, Gagné, M., McCabe, C. and Mercier, C. (2017) Sensory disturbances, but not motor disturbances, induced by sensorimotor conflicts are increased in the presence of acute pain. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 11 (14). ISSN 1662-5145 Available from:

Tschopp, M., Swanenberg, J., Wertli, M., Langenfeld, A., McCabe, C., Lewis, J., Baertschi, E. and Brunner, F. (2017) Die Deutsche Version der Bath Body Perception Disturbance Scale (BBPDS-D). Der Schmerz. ISSN 0932-433X Available from:

Conference or Workshop Item

Llewellyn, A., Birklein, F., Brunner, F., Gobeil, F., Harden, R. N., Knudsen, L., Maihofner, C., Zyluk, A. and McCabe, C. (2018) Goals for rehabilitation: What are the priorities of patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome? In: International Association for the Study of Pain 17th World Congress on Pain, Boston, USA, 12 - 16 September 2018. Available from:

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