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Tzemanaki, A., Walters, P., Pipe, A. G., Melhuish, C. and Dogramadzi, S. (2014) An anthropomorphic design for a minimally invasive surgical system based on a survey of surgical technologies, techniques and training. International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, 10 (3). pp. 368-378. ISSN 1478-5951

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Book Section

Wilson, E., Anderson, S. R., Assaf, T., Pearson, M., Walters, P., Melhuish, C., Rossiter, J., Pipe, T., Dean, P. and Porrill, J. (2012) Bioinspired control of electro-active polymers for next generation soft robots. In: Herrmann, G., Studley, M., Pearson, M., Conn, A., Melhuish, C., Witkowski, M., Vadakkepat, P. and Kim, J. H., eds. (2012) Advances in Autonomous Robotics: Joint Proceedings of the 13th Annual TAROS Conference and the 15th Annual FIRA RoboWorld Congress, Bristol, UK, August 20-23, 2012, Proceedings. (7429) Bristol: Springer, pp. 424-425. ISBN 9783642325267

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Report or Working Paper

Hurst, J., Bull, L. and Melhuish, C. (2002) ZCS and TCS learning classifier system controllers on real robots. Technical Report. UWE.

Conference or Workshop Item

Tzemanaki, A., Burton, T. M. W., Gillat, D., Melhuish, C., Persad, R., Pipe, A. G. and Dogramadzi, S. (2014) μAngelo: A novel minimally invasive surgical system based on an anthropomorphic design. In: 2014 5th IEEE RAS & EMBS International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob), Sao Paulo, Brazil, 12-15 August 2014. Sao Paulo, Brazil: IEEE, pp. 369-374

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Georgilas, I., Gale, E., Adamatzky, A. and Melhuish, C. (2013) UAV horizon tracking using memristors and cellular automata visual processing. In: TAROS 2013, The 14th Conference Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems, St Anne's College, Oxford, UK, 28-30th August 2013.

Tzemanaki, A., Gao, X., Pipe, A. G., Melhuish, C. and Dogramadzi, S. (2013) Hand exoskeleton for remote control of minimally invasive surgical anthropomorphic instrumentation. In: The 6th Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics, London, UK, 22nd - 25th June, 2013.

Georgilas, I., Adamatzky, A. and Melhuish, C. (2013) Manipulating with excitations: Waves or gliders? In: ICRA 2013 Workshop - Unconventional Approaches to Robotics, Automation and Control, Inspired by Nature (UARACIN), Karlsruhe, Germany, May 6th-10th, 2013.

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Pearson, M., Pipe, A. G. and Melhuish, C. (2008) Computational neuroethological modelling of the rat facial whiskers. In: Biological Approaches to Engineering , Southampton, UK, 2008., pp. 135-138

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