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Civale, L., Hancock, J. T., Wilson, I. D. and Neill, S. J. (2010) Role of nitrate reductase signalling in hypoxic and waterlogging stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. In: 3rd Plant NO Club International Meeting, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 15- 16 July 2010., p. 54


Dempsey, J. J. and Owen, A. A. G. (2010) The Effect of Phosphite Treatments on the Growth and Disease Susceptibility of Agrostis stolonifera L. In: 2nd European Turfgrass Society Conference, Angers, France, 11th -14th April 2010.

de Lacy Costello, B., Jahan, I., Hambidge, P., Locking, K., Patel, D. and Adamatzky, A. (2010) Chemical tesellations - results of binary and tertiary reactions between metal ions and ferricyanide or ferrocyanide loaded gels. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 20 (7). pp. 2241-2252. ISSN 0218-1274


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Kemp, K. C., Morse, R., Wexler, S. A., Cox, C., Mallam, E., Hows, J. M. and Donaldson, C. (2010) Chemotherapy-induced mesenchymal stem cell damage in patients with hematological malignancy. Annals of Hematology, 89 (7). pp. 701-713. ISSN 0939-5555


Matthews, L. A., Lawrance, L., Gray, D. and Gray, S. (2010) An audit of rubella IgG antibody status in antenatal women in a NHS Trust over 5 years (2005–2009). Epidemiology and Infection, 139 (11). pp. 1720-1726. ISSN 0950-2688

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May, J. E., Xu, J., Morse, R., Avent, N. D., Cox, C., Wexler, S. A. and Donaldson, C. (2010) An in vitro model of chemotherapeutic damage to mesenchymal stem cells. In: 4th UK Mesenchymal Stem Cell Meeting, Leeds University, UK, 14th April, 2010.

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McCalley, D. V. (2010) The challenges of the analysis of basic compounds by high performance liquid chromatography: Some possible approaches for improved separations. Journal of Chromatography A, 1217 (6). pp. 858-880. ISSN 0021-9673


Nurmemmedov, E., Yengo, R. K., Ladomery, M. and Thunnissen, M. M. (2010) Kinetic behaviour of WT 1’s zinc finger domain in binding to the alpha-actinin-1 mRNA. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 497 (1-2). pp. 21-27. ISSN 0003-9861


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Salisbury, V., Alloush, H. and Smith, A. (2010) Determining the sensitivity of a cell to a drug. Randox Laboratories and University of the West of England. PCT/GB2009/001969.


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Vaughan, A. T., Brackenbury, L. S., Masari, P., Davenport, V., Gorringe, A., Heyderman, R. S. and Williams, N. A. (2010) Neisseria lactamica selectively induces mitogenic proliferation of the naive B cell pool via cell surface immunoglobulin. The Journal of Immunology, 185 (6). pp. 3652-3660. ISSN 0022-1767


Williams, E. H., Williams, C. A. and McLeod, J. D. (2010) Identification of PDL-1 as a novel biomarker of sensitizer exposure in dendriticlike cells. Toxicology in Vitro, 24 (6). pp. 1727-1735. ISSN 0887-2333

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