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Adamatzky, A., Arena, P., Basile, A., Carmona-Galan, R., de Lacy Costello, B., Fortuna, L., Frasca, M. and Rodriguez-Vazquez, A. (2004) Reaction-diffusion navigation robot control: From chemical to VLSI analogic processors. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 51 (5). 926 - 938. ISSN 1057-7122 Available from:

Adamatzky, A., de Lacy Costello, B., Melhuish, C. and Ratcliffe, N. M. (2004) Experimental implementation of mobile robot taxis with on board Belousov-Zhabotinsky chemical medium. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 24 (4). pp. 541-548. ISSN 0928-4931 Available from:


Conway, M. E., Poole, L. B. and Hutson, S. M. (2004) Roles for cysteine residues in the regulatory CXXC motif of human mitochondrial branched chain aminotransferase enzyme. Biochemistry, 43 (23). pp. 7356-7364. ISSN 0006-2960 Available from:

Crew, A. P., Hart, J. P., Wedge, R., Marty, J. L. and Fournier, D. (2004) A screen-printed, amperometric, biosensor array for the detection of organophosphate pesticides based on inhibition of wild type, and mutant acetylcholinesterases, from drosophila melanogaster. Analytical Letters, 37 (8). pp. 1601-1610. ISSN 0003-2719 Available from:


Desikan, R., Cheung, M.-K., Clarke, A., Golding, S., Sagi, M., Fluhr, R., Rock, C., Hancock, J. T. and Neill, S. (2004) Hydrogen peroxide is a common signal for darkness and ABA-induced stomatal closure in Pisum sativum L. Functional Plant Biology, 31 (9). pp. 913-920. ISSN 1445-4408 Available from:

Duquesne, S., Liess, M. and Bird, D. J. (2004) Sub-lethal effects of metal exposure: Physiological and behavioural responses of the estuarine bivalve Macoma balthica. Marine Environmental Research, 58 (2-5). pp. 245-250. ISSN 0141-1136 Available from:

de Lacy Costello, B., Hantz, Péter and Ratcliffe, N. M. (2004) Voronoi diagrams generated by regressing edges of precipitation fronts. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 120 (5). pp. 2413-2416. ISSN 0021-9606 Available from:

de Lacy Costello, B., Ratcliffe, N. M., Adamatzky, A., Zanin, A., Liehr, A. and Purwins, H. (2004) The formation of voronoi diagrams in chemical and physical systems: Experimental findings and theoretical models. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 14 (7). pp. 2187-2210. ISSN 0218-1274 Available from:


Elliott, L. J., Mason, D. C., Wilkinson, M. J., Allainguillaume, J., Norris, C., Alexander, M. and Welters, R. (2004) Methodological insights: The role of satellite image-processing for national-scale estimates of gene flow from genetically modified crops: Rapeseed in the UK as a model. Journal of Applied Ecology, 41 (6). pp. 1174-1184. ISSN 0021-8901 Available from:

Ellwood, M. D. F. and Foster, W. A. (2004) Doubling the estimate of invertebrate biomass in a rainforest canopy. Nature, 429 (6991). pp. 549-551. ISSN 0028-0836 Available from:

Ewen, R., Jones, P. R., Ratcliffe, N. M. and Spencer-Phillips, P. T. (2004) Identification by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of the volatile organic compounds emitted from the wood-rotting fungi Serpula lacrymans and Coniophora puteana, and from Pinus sylvestris timber. Mycological Research, 108 (7). pp. 806-814. ISSN 0953-7562 Available from:


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Hill, A. A. (2004) Convection induced by the selective absorption of radiation for the Brinkman model. Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 16 (1-2). pp. 43-52. ISSN 0935-1175 Available from:

Hill, A. A. (2004) Penetrative convection induced by the absorption of radiation with a nonlinear internal heat source. Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 38 (1). pp. 57-67. ISSN 0377-0265 Available from:

Honeychurch, K. C., Hart, J. P. and Kirsch, N. (2004) Voltammetric, chromatographic and mass spectral elucidation of the redox reactions of 1 hydroxypyrene occurring at a screen-printed carbon electrode. Electrochimica Acta, 49 (7). pp. 1141-1149. ISSN 0013-4686 Available from:

Honeychurch, K. C., Hart, J. P. and O'Donovan, M. (2004) Voltammetric determination of 8-oxo-guanine in the presence of guanine and adenine at a screen-printed carbon electrode, and its application for the determination of oxidative DNA damage. In: Biosensors 2004, Granada, Spain, 2004. Available from:

Honeychurch, K. C., Landsdowne, P. and Hart, J. P. (2004) Voltammetric behaviour of the psychotropic drug flunitrazepam at a screen printed carbon electrode and its possible application in forensic studies. In: Electrochem 2004, Leicester, UK, 2004. Available from:


Luxton, R. W., Badesha, J., Kiely, J. and Hawkins, P. (2004) Use of external magnetic fields to reduce reaction times in an immunoassay using micrometer-sized paramagnetic particles as labels (magnetoimmunoassay). Analytical Chemistry, 76 (6). pp. 1715-1719. ISSN 0003-2700 Available from:


Martin, H. M., Hancock, J. T., Salisbury, V. and Harrison, R. (2004) Role of xanthine oxidoreductase as an antimicrobial agent. Infection and Immunity, 72 (9). pp. 4933-4939. ISSN 0019-9567 Available from:

McCalley, D. V. (2004) Effect of buffer on peak shape of peptides in reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography. Journal of Chromatography A, 1038 (1-2). pp. 77-84. ISSN 0021-9673 Available from:

Meredith, L. (2004) Assessment and marking. Trainers Exchange, 14 (3). p. 4. Available from:

Meredith, L. (2004) Who reports to whom. Trainers Exchange, 14 (1). p. 2. Available from:


Probert, C., Jones, P. and Ratcliffe, N. M. (2004) A novel method for rapidly diagnosing the causes of diarrhoea. Gut, 53 (1). pp. 58-61. ISSN 0017-5749 Available from:


Rhodes, A., Borthwick, D., Sykes, R., Al-Sam, S. and Paradiso, A. (2004) The use of cell line standards to reduce HER-2/neu assay variation in multiple European cancer centres and the potential of automated image analysis to provide for more accurate cut points for predicting clinical response to trastuzumab. American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 122. pp. 51-60. ISSN 0002-9173 Available from:


Tambyrajah, W. S., Doran (nee Udovikova), O., Wood, J. D. and McGivan, J. D. (2004) The pig CYP2E1 promoter is activated by COUP-TF1 and HNF-1 and is inhibited by androstenone. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophsics, 431 (2). pp. 252-260. ISSN 0003-9861 Available from:


Varela Calvo, C. and Stengler, E. (2004) Los Museos interactivos como recurso didáctico: El Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos” (The interactive museums as an educational resource: The Science and Cosmos Museum). Revista Electrónica de Enseñanza de las Ciencias, 3 (1). pp. 32-47. ISSN 1579-1513 Available from:


Whittington, F. M., Nute, G. R., Hughes, S. I., McGivan, J. D., Lean, I. J., Wood, J. D. and Doran (nee Udovikova), O. (2004) Relationship between skatole and androstenone accumulation in Meishan pigs - the role of cytochrome P450IIE! expression. Meat Science, 67 (4). pp. 569-576. Available from:

Wilkinson, C. (2004) Dialogue matters? How scientists, medical professionals and journalists view communication to broader publics. In: The BSA Medical Sociology Group 36th Annual Conference, York, England, 2004. Available from:

Wilkinson, C. (2004) Divergent dialogues? Communication between the public, media and experts. In: Postgraduate Forum on Genetics and Society Annual Conference, Exeter, England, September 2004. Available from:

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