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Beckett, A. (2012) Disrupting practices: New insights into innovation. To be published in Strategic Change , 21 (5-6). ISSN 1099-1697 [In Press]

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Miller, J. (2012) They should have sorted it out in 1975: The Newmarket Stable Lads' Strike. To be published in Historical Studies in Industrial Relations. ISSN 1362-1572 [Submitted]


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Prabhakar, G. P. (2012) The confluence of leadership and culture in the melting pot of India. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 25 (4). ISSN 0951-3558


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Vasudeva, G., Alexander, E. A. and Jones, S. (2012) Institutional imprinting effects for standard-setting participation and innovation outcomes in the mobile handset industry. In: Strategic Management Society, Prague, Czech Republic, 7th - 9th October, 2012. [Submitted]

von Staden, P. and Fletcher, W. M. (2012) Epilogue: Retrospect and prospects: the significance of the lost decades in Japan. Asia Pacific Business Review, 18 (2). pp. 275-279. ISSN 1360-2381

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