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Aston, J. (2008) Database narrative, spatial montage and the cultural transmission of memory: A case study from the Sudan/Ethiopian borderlands. In: ISEA2009, The 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art, University of Ulster, Belfast, 23 August - 1 September 2009. Available from:

Aston, J. (2008) Spatial montage, mutuality and diversity: New possibilities for ethnographic film-making. In: Mesaric, A., Repic, J. and Bartulovic, A., eds. (2008) Book of Abstracts, European Association of Social Anthropologists 10th Biannual Conference. Ljubljana, Slovenia: European Association of Social Anthropologists, p. 251. ISBN 978-9612372477 Available from:

Aston, J. (2008) Voices from the Blue Nile: Using digital media to create a multilayered associative narrative. Journal of Media Practice, 9 (1). pp. 43-51. ISSN 1468-2753 Available from:


Bacon, T., Kydd, E. and Dickman, G. (2008) 'No, not yet: Woman, abjection and redemption in Alfonso Cuaron's The Children of Men'. In: UWE, Philosophy and Film/Film and Philosophy, Arnolfini, Bristol, 6 July 2008. Available from:

Banks, L. (2008) Hedgewitch. [Video] Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2008) Al-Mutanabbi Street broadsides project. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2008) Arcadia Id Est: artists' books, nature and the landscape. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Breuning, O., Chung, N.-j., Eguiguren, J., Kalleinen, O., Kalleinen, T., Karvonen, O., Koolen, F., Voss, R., Sowden, T. and Williams, B. (2008) I am comedy. 'Out-takes'. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Brooks, K. (2008) Could do better? Students' critique of written feedback. Networks, 5. Available from:

Brooks, K. (2008) Living and learning: students' talk and advice in university culture. In: Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Social Policy and So, , ed. (2008) University life uncovered: Making sense of the student experience. SWAP, pp. 34-43. ISBN 9780854328901 Available from:


Chamberlain, I. (2008) Art project - collection. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Drawing matters. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Invited artist at Drawing Matters II. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Originals '08'. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Printroom. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Submission at 11th international artist book fair. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Submission at 156th autumn exhibition. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Submission at Bristol Contemporary Open. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) Submission at Glasgow international artist book fair. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2008) 'Through the lens'. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Crogan, P. (2008) Real lives 2004: The devil you know. Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue, 11 (Contro). pp. 69-75. ISSN 1176-5119 Available from:

Crogan, P. (2008) Wargaming and computer games: Fun with the future. In: Swalwell, M. and Wilson, J., eds. (2008) The Pleasures of Computer Gaming: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics. North Carolina: McFarland and Company, pp. 147-166. ISBN 978-0786435951 Available from:

Crogan, P. and Weber, S. (2008) Targeting, television and networking: An interview with Samuel Weber. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 14 (4). pp. 375-385. ISSN 1354-8568 Available from:

Crogan, P., Wyeld, T. and Leavy, B. (2008) A conversation on the efficacies of the game engine to address notions of sacred space: The digital songlines project and transgressions of sacredness. In: Wyeld, T. G., Kenderdine, S. and Docherty, M., eds. (2008) Virtual Systems and Multimedia: 13th International Conference, VSMM 2007, Brisbane Australia, September 23-26 2007, Revised Selected Papers. (Inform) Berlin: Springer, pp. 24-34. ISBN 978-3-540-78565-1 Available from:


Dean, J. (2008) Investment. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Dean, J. (2008) Rome (wasn’t) built in a day, at The Walls in Three Places, Charlton Art Centre, Dover. [Image] Available from:

Dickinson, R. (2008) [No] Fear / [Keine ]Angst). [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Dickinson, R. (2008) History will repeat itself, strategies of re-enactment in contemporary (media) art and performance. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Dickinson, R. (2008) The institute of psychoplasmics. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Dickman, G. (2008) Megarealism and the politics of there-cam: From herenow to nowhere and back again. In: Film Philosophy Conference, Arnolfini, Bristol, May 2008. Available from:

Dickman, G. (2008) The hologram, and the crisis of direction which holograms cause in traditional notions of subjectivity. In: OFFoff Art Cinema, Ghent, Belgium, 11 December 2008. Available from:

Doherty, C. (2008) Art in the life of the city: London stories. In: Art in the Life of the City, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, 17th and 18th April 2008. Available from:

Doherty, C. (2008) Public art as situation. In: Debbaut, J., Verhulst, M. and Vertoortel, P., eds. (2008) Out of the Studio: Art in the Public Space. Hasselt: Z33. ISBN 978-9074605335 Available from:

Dolan, J., Jenning, R., Garde Hansen, J., Gorton, K., Wilson, S. and Tincknell, E. (2008) Women, ageing and media workshops. In: AHRC funded Research Networks and Workshops: Women, Ageing and Media,, 2008. Available from:

Dovey, J. (2008) Dinosaurs and butterflies - media practice research in new media ecologies. Journal of Media Practice, 9 (3). pp. 243-256. ISSN 1468-2753 Available from:

Dovey, J. (2008) Simulating the public sphere. In: Austin, T. and de Jong, W., eds. (2008) Rethinking Documentary: New Perspectives and Practices. McGraw Hill, pp. 246-257. ISBN 978-0335221912 Available from:

Dowling, J. P. (2008) European Design Awards 2008 Corbis Creatives Behind the Lens. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:


Embury, G. (2008) 2008: Centre for Fine Print Research: Reading aloud project. [Image] Available from:

Embury, G. (2008) 3rd supertrash festival. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Embury, G. (2008) Illustrations in Images 32 The best of contemporary illustration 2008. In: Belford, P., ed. (2008) Images 32 The Best of Contemporary Illustration 2008. (No. 32) London: The Association of Illustrators. ISBN 978-0-9558076-9-5 Available from:

Walton, R., ed. (2008) Illustrations in The big book of illustration ideas 2. Collins Design. ISBN 0061215147 Available from:


Giddings, S. (2008) DVD review: Rene Laloux's Fantastic Planet. Journal of Science Fiction Film and Television, 1 (1). pp. 176-179. ISSN 1754-3770 Available from:

Giddings, S. and Kennedy, H. W. (2008) Little jesuses and fuck-off robots: On aesthetics, cybernetics, and not being very good at Lego Star Wars. In: Swalwell, M. and Wilson, J., eds. (2008) The Pleasures of Computer Gaming: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics. Jefferson: NC: McFarland, pp. 13-32. ISBN 978-0786435951 Available from:

Gross, B. (2008) Book review: Hafez, K. The myth of media globalization. Journalism Studies, 9 (1). pp. 145-146. ISSN 1461-670X Available from:

Gross, B. (2008) When the other speaks: Migrant voices on British television news. In: Power: Forms, Dynamics, Consequences, University of Tempere, Finland, September 2008. Available from:

Gross, B., Threadgold, T. and Moore, K. (2008) The Home Office in chaos: Refugee and asylum discourse in British broadcast news. In: MeCCSA Annual Conference, Cardiff University, Wales, January 2008. Available from:


Hardy, A., Kossack, O., Lloyd, W., Reynolds, A. and Stumpf, M. (2008) In the beginning. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Hayes, S. (2008) Film screening of "Launch". [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Hayes, S. (2008) Films screened at The Longest day of the ye4ar film festival. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Hayes, S. (2008) "Launch" and 700IS Reindeer Heindyraland exhibition catalogue. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Henning, M. (2008) Living signs: Theory and materiality in the work of Otto Neurath. In: Engaging Objects, Amsterdam, 26-28 March 2008. Available from:

Henning, M. (2008) Picture language and other things: The materiality of Isotype. In: Network of Design, Conference of the design history society, University College Falmouth, 2 - 6 September 2008. Available from:

Henning, M. (2008) Picture language as visual writing: Otto Neurath's Isotype. In: Sublimely Visual: The Art of Text, University of Bristol, England, 5 - 7 September 2008. Available from:

Henning, M. (2008) A picture of virtue: Review of Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison, Objectivity. New Formations, 64 (Winter). ISSN 0950-2387 Available from:

Henning, M. (2008) The things signs do: Cultural history through the work of the Isotype Institute. In: Orientations: The International Society for cultural history conference, Ghent, 27 - 31 August 2008. Available from:

Henning, M. and Warren, J. (2008) Rethinking archives: History, media, memory. In: Rethinking archives: History, media, memory, Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, June 2008. Available from:

Hornsey, R. (2008) The Map as a Musical Score: Fantasies of Temporal Management and Resistance in 1930s London. In: Geographies of Rhythm, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Boston, USA, April 2008. Available from:

Hornsey, R. (2008) The Queer (Spatial) Economies of 'The Lavender Hill Mob'. Journal of British Cinema and Television, 5 (1). pp. 38-52. ISSN 1743-4521. Available from:

Hornsey, R. (2008) Review of 'Material and Visual Cultures Beyond Male Bonding, 1870-1914: Bodies, Bounderies and Intimacy', by John Potvin. Journal of Design History, 21 (4). pp. 391-393. ISSN 0952-4649 Available from:


Jempson, M. (2008) From PressWise to MediaWise: promoting journalism ethics in the UK. In: von Krogh, T., ed. (2008) Media Accountability Today...and Tomorrow. Nordicom. ISBN 9789189471580 Available from:

Jempson, M. (2008) The stinking fish of suicide contagion. Ethical Space, 5 (1). Available from:

Johnson, C. (2008) The embodied intellectual: Impression and contact as political currency. In: Intellectuals: Knowledge, Power, Ideas, Budapest, Hungary, May 2008. Available from:


Kennedy, H. W. (2008) Ludaesthetic pleasures and new technology. In: Ludaesthetic Pleasures and New Technicities, Vancouver, Canada, 2008. Available from:


Lloyd, W. (2008) Dr Jeckyl and Sister Hyde. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Lloyd, W. (2008) Nu Town. Imprint. ISBN 978-1903781203 Available from:


Morrisey, S. (2008) Intervention/Decoration, commissioned by Foreground, Frome, Somerset 2008. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Morrissey, S. (2008) Intervention/Decoration. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:


Oechsler, M. (2008) 'Host' performance dinner event. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Oechsler, M. (2008) The eagle document. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Oechsler, M. (2008) The eagle document: Installation. In: Close encounters of the animal kind, Tate Britiain, UK, 21st November, 2008. Available from:

Oldham, A. (2008) Documentary in the contemporary mediascape. In: Negotiating the Mediascape, University of Kent, Canterbury, June 2008. Available from:

Oldham, A. (2008) Teaching documentary to the digital generation. In: MECCSA Conference, University of Cardiff, Wales, Ferbruary 2008. Available from:


Partington, M. (2008) Book review - 'Craft, Space and Interior Design 1855-2005' by Sandra Alfody & Janice Helland. Oxford University Press, Journal of Design History. Available from:

Partington, M. (2008) A blurred photograph of Jesus is better than no photograph at all – the practicalities of using video as an oral history tool. In: International Oral History Association Conference, University of Guadalajara, Mexico, 23-27 Setember 2008. Available from:


Robinson, R. and Cleaverley, Vibeke, Binns, Daniel (2008) E card for Crown Pet Foods, James Wellbeloved. James Wellbeloved. Available from:


Salter, L. (2008) Change and continuity in the “information age”. Global Media and Communication, 4 (1). pp. 83-94. ISSN 1742-7665 Available from:

Salter, L. (2008) Class, nationalism and the BBC's reporting of Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution. In: The Propaganda Model 20 Years on the Margins, University of Northumbria, December 2008. Available from:

Salter, L. (2008) The goods of community? The potential of journalism as a social practice. Philosophy of Management, 7 (1). pp. 33-44. Available from:

Sobers, S., Johnson-Idan, L., Bunting, D., Rocas, V. and Watts, V. (2008) Re-Representing rural racism through the use of community media. In: OurMedia7 conference, Accra, Ghana, 11th - 15th August 2008. Available from:

Sobers, S. and Wicks, R. (2008) Lafrance’s Story: Inside Out. [Video] Available from:

Southerland, D. (2008) Cryptocephalus. Other. Jnsculpture, Milton Keynes. Available from:

Southerland, D. (2008) That has been. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Soyinka, B. (2008) Body echoes. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Soyinka, B. (2008) Digital film as the future of academic publishing. In: MeCCSA International Conference, Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, 9 - 11 January 2008. Available from:

Soyinka, B. (2008) Extraordinary lives. [Video] Available from:

Soyinka, B., Dicks, B. and Hurdley, R. (2008) The clicking project: Interactive science discovery: Communicating science? [Video] Available from:

Soyinka, B., Hurdley, R. and Hacking, N. (2008) Interactive science discovery: Communicating science? [Video] Available from:

Stevens, C. (2008) End of Line. [Video] Available from:

Stevens, C. (2008) Living in a material world. AHRC Landscape and Environment project. [Video] Available from:

Stevens, C. (2008) Mynydd Epynt. [Video] Available from:

Stevens, C. (2008) Temple Meads. [Video] Available from:


Ure, M., Bick, A., Simpson, D. J., Arrowsmith, S., Harding, A. and Austen, D. (2008) British painting. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:


Voss, R. (2008) Farmers market. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Voss, R. (2008) Pine. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Voss, R., Klassnik, R. and Baines, P. (2008) Pine. Matt's Gallery. ISBN 978-00907623625 Available from:


Wilson, S. (2008) Here's Trisha!: commercialism, sensationalism and Public Service Broadcasting. In: Anglia TV and the History of ITV: Programming, Regionalism and the Television Economy Conference, University of East Anglia, UK, November 2008. Available from:

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