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Aure, X., O'Dowd, P. and Padfield, J. and Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, The National Gallery London (2017) Generating 3D models of paintings through the combination of 2D, 3D and RTI data. In: Bowen, J., Diprose, G. and Lambert, N., eds. EVA London 2017 (Electronic Visualisation and the Arts), London, England, 10 - 13 July 2017. London: BCS Learning & Development Ltd, pp. 25-32 Available from:


Bodman, S. (2017) Communities of practice: Building an internationally connected practice in and for the book arts. In: Booknesses: Taking Stock of the Book Arts in South Africa, Department of Visual Art Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, 24-25 March 2017. Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2017) Bookishness: An in-depth interrogation of the mystery of Loch Ness by the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau Rebooted 2017. [Creative work: artist's book] Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2017) Bristol fashion. Printmaking Today, 26 (3). p. 17. Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2017) Building communities. Printmaking Today, 26 (2). p. 17. Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2017) Foreword. In: (2017) The Polar Tombola: A Book of Banished Words. UK: Bird Editions. Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2017) Making friends with books. Printmaking Today, 26 (4). ISSN 0960-9253 [In Press] Available from:

Bodman, S. L. (2017) Milestones. Printmaking Today, 26 (1). p. 16. Available from:


Chamberlain, I. (2017) Echoes from the past. The California Printmaker Journal. pp. 8-11. Available from:

Chamberlain, I. (2017) Pressing matters - article, bleakness, brutalism and beauty. Pressing matters, 2 (2). pp. 8-15. Available from:


Dickinson, R. (2017) Disrupting the archive. In: Case Study Day on archives, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, England, 16 March 2017. Available from:

Dickinson, R. (2017) Game theory and zero sum, installation and presentation. In: Dickinson, R., ed. AHRC Automation and Anxiety Workshop, Sussex University, England, 9 June 2017. Available from:

Dickinson, R. (2017) Outlier detection print. [Creative work: general category] Available from:


Franklin, A. (2017) Age-appropriate dress? In: Aging and Society, Gdańsk, Poland, 26-27 October 2017. Available from:

Franklin, A. (2017) Othering the elderly: Autoethnography as counteractive methodological strategy. In: Aging and Society, Gdańsk, Poland, 26-27 October 2017. Available from:

Franklin, A. and Thomson, S. (2017) Bristol Parkhive: An interdisciplinary approach to employability for arts, humanities and education students in a supercomplex world. In: HEA Annual Conference 2017 Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight, Manchester, UK, 4-6 July 2017. [In Press] Available from:


Glowacki, B. R. (2017) Bear Abouts: Sharing stories across the physical and digital. In: IDC 2017, June 27–30, 2017, Stanford, CA, USA, California, USA, 27-30 June 2017. Stanford University: IDC 2017 Available from:

Greenwald, S., Kulik, A., Kunert, A., Beck, S., Frohlich, B., Cobb, S., Parsons, S., Newbutt, N., Gouveia, C., Cook, C., Snyder, A., Payne, S., Holland, J., Buessing, S., Fields, G., Corning, W., Lee, V., Xia, L. and Maes, P. (2017) Technology and applications for collaborative learning in virtual reality. In: Smith, B., Borge, M., Mercier, E. and Lim, K., eds. Making a Difference: Prioritizing Equity and Access in CSCL, 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Pennsylvania, USA, 18 - 22 June 2017. Philadelphia, PA, USA: International Society of the Learning Sciences, pp. 719-726 Available from:


Hoskins, S. (2017) Printmaking an industrial continuum, technology looking back to go forward. In: The First International Printmaking Conference Cyprus/Greece, Nicosia, Greece, 22- 24 November 2017. Cyprus: Cypriot Printmakers Available from:


Jeremijenko, N. and Rich, K. and Bureau of Inverse Technology (B.I.T.) (2017) BIT plane, the bureau of inverse technology 1997 - 1999 in Rhizome: Net art anthology. [Creative work: general category] Available from:

Jorgensen, T. (2017) From users to outsiders: Shifting the sphere of independent innovation from own practice to external fields. Nordes Digital Archive, 7. ISSN 1604-9705 Available from:

Jorgensen, T. (2017) Glass at 'The Emerging and the Established'. [Creative work: general category] Available from:

Jorgensen, T. (2017) JUGSTRUSIONS: Technological (in)determinism and the value of material knowledge. In: CERVA 17, Ceramic Values, Ceramics and its Dimensions, Stoke on Trent, England, 5-6 October 2017. [In Press] Available from:

Jorgensen, T. (2017) Jugstrusions at the "Pour Me" exhibition. [Creative work: general category] Available from:

Jorgensen, T. (2017) Modern Masters glass pieces. [Creative work: general category] Available from:


Kirkpatrick, D. (2017) Grief and loss; living with the presence of absence. A practice based study of personal grief narratives and participatory projects. PhD, University of the West of England. Available from:

Klein, S., Richardson, R. M. and Eremin, A. (2017) Liquid crystalline phases in suspensions of pigments in non-polar solvents. In: Lagerwall, J. P. and Scalia, G., eds. (2017) Liquid crystals with nano- and microparticles. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company, pp. 845-869. ISBN 9789814619257 Available from:


Laidler, P. (2017) Collaborative print studio. g&e Print and Art Edition Magazine (55). pp. 27-41. ISSN 1886-2306 Available from:

Laidler, P. (2017) Looking through the eyes of machines as humans. In: Post-digital printmaking. Redefinition of print., Wrocław, Poland, 6 - 8 December 2017. Wrocław, Poland: The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland, pp. 10-11 Available from:


Newbutt, N., Sung, C., Kuo, H. J. and Leahy, M. J. (2017) The acceptance, challenges, and future applications of wearable technology and virtual reality to support people with autism spectrum disorders. In: Brooks, A., Brahnam, S., Kapralos, B. and Lakhmi, J., eds. (2017) Recent Advances in Technologies for Inclusive Well-Being. From Worn to Off-body Sensing, Virtual Worlds, and Games for Serious Applications. USA: Springer International Publishing, pp. 221-241. ISBN 9783319498775 Available from:


Olen, M., Padfield, J. and Parraman, C. (2017) Replicating dark colours from an old master painting using alternative methods in inkjet printing. In: Twenty-fifth Color and Imaging Conference Color Science and Engineering Systems, Technologies, and Applications, Lillehammer, Norway, 11-15 September 2017. Lillehammer, Norway: Society for Imaging and Technology Available from:


Parraman, C. (2017) 2017 colour by numbers, thinking through making lecture series, Arnolfini, Bristol. In: Thinking Through Making, Bristol, England, 2 March 2017. Bristol: Centre fro Fine Print Research, pp. 1-12 [Submitted] Available from:

Parraman, C. (2017) Colour printing techniques. In: Best, J., ed. (2017) Colour design: Theories and application. London: Woodhead Publishing Ltd. ISBN 9780081012703 Available from:

Parraman, C. (2017) From CMYK to RGB. In: First Impressions, Cork, 23-24 June 2017. Cork: First Impressions Available from:

Parraman, C., Olen, M., Ortiz-Segovia, M., Baar, T. and McCallion, P. (2017) Reproduction of 16th century multi-colour Chiaroscuro Woodblock Prints using digital technologies. In: Blocks Plates Stones Conference, Courtauld Institute London, 21 September 2017. Courtauld Institute London: University of London Available from:

Parsons, T. D., Riva, G., Parsons, S. J., Mantovani, F., Newbutt, N., Lin, L., Venturini, E. and Hall, T. (2017) Virtual reality in pediatric psychology. Pediatrics, 140 (2). S86-S91. ISSN 0031-4005 Available from:

Presence, S. (2017) 'One screening away from disaster': Precarity and commitment in the Radical Film Network’s community exhibition sector. In: Malik, S., Chapain, C. and Comunian, R., eds. (2017) Community Filmmaking: Diversity, Practices and Places. London: Routledge. ISBN 9781138188068 Available from:


Rintoul, J. (2017) Integrating Critical and Contextual Studies in Art and Design: Possibilities for Post-Compulsory Education. Routledge. ISBN 9781138786943 Available from:


Thomson, S. and Franklin, A. (2017) Widening participation: Rethinking the role of the HEI. In: HEA Annual Conference 2017 Generation TEF: Teaching in the spotlight, Manchester, UK, 4-6 July 2017. [In Press] Available from:

Turney, J. and Franklin, A. (2017) Spirit of '68. The 'next' role of the art/design school. The Design Journal, 20 (sup. 1). S4714-S4720. ISSN 1460-6925 Available from:

Turney, J. and Franklin, A. (2017) Spirit of ’68: The ‘next’ role of the art/design school? In: 12th European Academy of Design Conference [EAD12]: Design for Next..., Rome, Italy, 12-14 April, 2017. Available from:

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