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Adamatzky, A. (2010) Physarum machines: Computers from slime mould. (74) Series A. World Scientific Publishing. ISBN 978-981-4327-58-9

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Lane, L. (2010) Friends for all seasons. [Composition]

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Palmer (nee Reiser), M. (2010) The breath of the moon: Listening to tidal rhythms in the Severn Estuary. [Artefact]

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Tahir, M. and Smith, J. (2010) Creating diverse nearest neighbour ensembles using simultaneous metaheuristic feature selection. Pattern Recognition Letters, 31 (11). pp. 1470-1480. ISSN 0167-8655

Tekiner, F., Pettipher, M., Bull, L., Studley, M., Whittley, I. and Bagnall, T. (2010) Parallel data mining-case study. Technical Report. University of Manchester.

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