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Lane, L. (2015) The Alban Prayer. [Creative work: composition] Available from:

Lane, L. (2015) I Have Heard Tell. [Creative work: composition] Available from:

Lane, L. (2015) On That Night. [Creative work: composition] Available from:

Lane, L. and Rashleigh, A. (2015) The Story of St Alban. [Creative work: composition] Available from:

Lane, L. and Rashleigh, A. (2015) Their songs of freedom. [Creative work: composition] Available from:

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Palmer (nee Reiser), M. (2015) Gandharam, lullaby for Max Mathews. [Creative work: composition] Available from:

Palmer (nee Reiser), M. (2015) Severn Sounds Player. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

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