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Air Quality Consultants, A. L. and Air Quality Management Resource Centre, A. (2002) Evaluation of the first round of the LAQM process. On behalf of DEFRA and devolved administrations. Technical Report. University of the West of England, Bristol. Available from:

Air Quality Management Resource Centre, A. (2002) Salisbury district council review and assessment of air quality stage 4. Technical Report. University of the West of England. Available from:

Air Quality Management Resource Centre, A. (2002) Scoping review proposals for the development of a local air quality strategy for Bristol city council. Technical Report. University of the West of England. Available from:

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McEwen, L., Hall, T., Hunt, J., Dempsey, M. and Harrison, M. (2002) Flood warning, warning response and planning control issues associated with caravan parks: The April 1998 floods on the lower Avon floodplain, Midlands region, UK. Applied Geography, 22 (3). pp. 271-305. ISSN 0143-6228 Available from:

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Thomas, C. J., Bromley, R. D. F. and Tallon, A. (2002) Lakeside Retail Park: Swansea Enterprise zone: A survey of shoppers 2002. Technical Report. City and County of Swansea. Available from:


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Woodfield, N., Longhurst, J., Beattie, C. and Laxen, D. (2002) A review of AQMAs in Great Britain: implications for land use planning. In: Brebbia, C. and Martin-Duque, J., eds. (2002) Air Pollution X. Southampton: WIT Press, pp. 133-140. ISBN 9781853129162 Available from:

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