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Ball, R. (2010) Discrimination in the armed forces: 10 years on from the abolition of the ban on homosexuals serving in the UK military. In: IUS on the Armed Forces Conference, Canada, Toronto, Canada, 15th-17th October, 2010.

Ball, R. (2010) Discrimination in the armed forces: 10 years on from the abolition of the ban on homosexuals serving in the UK military. In: SLS Annual Conference, University of Southampton, 13th-16th September, 2010.

Ball, R. (2010) The European and EU patents court: Is that really the best we can come up with? In: SLS Annual Conference, University of Southampton, 13th-16th September, 2010.

Ball, R. (2010) Refugees and higher education in the European Union. Under consideration for publication in Globalisation, Societies and Education. ISSN 1476-7724 [Submitted]

Ball, R. (2010) The blue card directive and its impact on EU and home state societies. In: SLSA Annual Conference, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 30th March - 1st April, 2010.

Ball, R. (2010) The blue card directive: The EU's green card? In: SLS Annual Conference, University of Southampton, 13th-16th September, 2010.

Ball, R. (2010) The community patent and the European patent. In: SLSA Annual Conference, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 30th March- 1st April, 2010.

Ball, R. and Dadomo, C. (2010) UKCLE law subject survey: European Union law. Project Report. Unpublished.

Blanco, E. (2010) Ecosystem services, agricultural subsidies and world trade: in searc of global justice and sustainable development. In: French, D., ed. (2010) Global Justice and Sustainable Development. The Netherlands: Brill NV, pp. 229-250. ISBN 9789004182660

Cape, Ed (2010) National approaches to effective criminal defence: England and Wales. In: Cape, Ed, Namaradze, Z., Smith, R. and Spronken, T., eds. (2010) Effective Criminal Defence in Europe. Antwerp: Intersentia, pp. 107-163. ISBN 978-94-000-0093-3

Chambers, C. (2010) The Banking Act 2009: A historical piece of legislation or a relic of our time? Only history can tell. International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry, 3 (1/2). pp. 72-85. ISSN 1741-6426

Chambers, C. (2010) Banking on reform in 2010: Is regulatory change ever enough and will 2010 and the general election hold the answers for the financial services industry? The Law Teacher, 44 (2). pp. 218-234. ISSN 0306-9400

Chambers, C. (2010) Financial crisis management and bank resolution. Journal of Banking Regualtion, 12 (1). pp. 91-93. ISSN 1745-6452

Chambers, C. (2010) How virtual are virtual economies? An exploration into the legal, social and economic nature of virtual world economies. In: Kirkegaard, S. and Kirkegaard, P., eds. (2010) Private Law, rights duties and conflicts. Kirkegaard, pp. 172-185. ISBN 9878799138586

Chambers, C. (2010) The fate of the financial services authority: Bought back from the brink or on the edge of a precipice? Business Law Review, 31 (8/9). pp. 198-200. ISSN 0143-6295

Chambers, C. and Ryder, N. (2010) Cyclical De Ja Vue: Emancipation of the FSA and the rise of the Bank of England once more. Financial Regulation International. ISSN 1473-3323

Chambers, C. and Ryder, N. (2010) The Financial Services Act 2010: how will the FSA rise to meet its new challenges? Financial Regulation International , 13 (3). ISSN 1473-3323

Chambers, C. and Ryder, N. (2010) The credit crunch and mortgage fraud- too little too late? A comparative analysis of the policies adopted in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. In: Balogh, I. and Kis, S., eds. (2010) Housing, housing costs and mortgages: Tends, impact and prediction. Nova Science Publishers. ISBN 9781607418139

Dadomo, C. (2010) L’unite de l’Etat au Royaume-uni: continuite ou evolution? In: Lemaire, F., ed. (2010) De l'Unite de l'Etat. Paris: Cujas, pp. 109-125. ISBN 9782254105076

Edwards, R. A. and Cape, Ed (2010) Police bail without charge: The human rights implications. Cambridge Law Journal, 69 (3). 529 -560. ISSN 0008-1973

Fenton, R. (2010) Rape in Italian law: Towards the recognition of sexual autonomy. In: McGlynn, C. and Munro, V., eds. (2010) Rethinking Rape Law. Routledge-Cavendish, pp. 183-195. ISBN 9780415550277

Fenton, R., Heenan, S. and Rees, D. (2010) Finally fit for purpose? The human fertilization and embryology act 2008. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 32 (3). pp. 275-286. ISSN 0964-9069

Grear, A. (2010) Redirecting human rights: Facing the challenge of corporate legal humanity. Other. Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke.

Grear, A. (2010) Where discourses meet. Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, 1 (1). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1759-7188

Grear, A. (2010) The missing feminist judgement in Rita Porter v commissioner of police for the metropolis. In: Hunter, R., McGlynn, C. and Rackley, E., eds. (2010) Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice. Oxford: Hart Publishing, p. 174. ISBN 9781849460538

Grear, A. (2010) Multilevel governance for sustainability: insights from a fractured discourse - a response to bosselmann. Europe-New Zealand Research Papers, 5 (1). pp. 73-141. ISSN N/A

Hassler, S. (2010) Peacekeeping and the responsibility to protect. Journal of International Peacekeeping, 14 (1-2). pp. 134-183. ISSN 1875-4104

Hassler, S. (2010) R2P and the protection obligations of peacekeepers. Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, 1 (1). pp. 205-212. ISSN 1878-1373

Jones, J. (2010) Human trafficking in Wales 2010. Working Paper. University of the West of England.

Jones, J. (2010) The responsibility of the EU: creating familial ties for all. In: Lind, C., Keating, H. and Bridgemen, J., eds. (2010) Taking Responsibility: Law and the Changing Family. Ashgate. ISBN 9781409402022

Pontin, B. (2010) American nuisance law and greenhouse gases. Environmental Law and Management, 22 (2). pp. 55-56. ISSN 1067-6058

Pontin, B. (2010) 'Earth jurisprudence' versus 'ecological service analysis'. Environmental Law and Management, 21 (5). pp. 239-240. ISSN 1067-6058

Pontin, B. (2010) The royal commission on environmental pollution. Environmental Law and Management, 22 (3). pp. 103-104. ISSN 1067-6058

Quenivet, N. (2010) Binding the United Nations to human rights norms by way of the laws of treaties. George Washington International Law Review , 42. pp. 587-621. ISSN 0748-4305

Quenivet, N. (2010) Rethinking the application of the principle of distinction. In: Sinha, M., ed. (2010) International Criminal Law and Human Rights. New Delhi: Manak, pp. 201-220.

Quenivet, N. (2010) The ‘war on terror’ and the principle of distinction in international humanitarian law. Colombian Yearbook of International Law , 3 (2). pp. 155-186. ISSN 2027-1131

Quenivet, N. and Shah-Davis, S., eds. (2010) International law and armed conflict: challenges in the 21st century. The Hague, Netherlands: TCM Asser Press. ISBN 9789067043113

Razzaque, J. (2010) Human rights to a clean environment: Procedural rights. In: Fitzmaurice, M. and Ong, D., eds. (2010) Research Handbook On International Environmental Law. Edward Elgar, pp. 284-300. ISBN 9781847201249

Razzaque, J. (2010) Right to a healthy environment in human rights law. In: Baderin, M. and Ssenyonjo, M., eds. (2010) International Human Rights Law: Six Decades after the UDHR and Beyond. Ashgate, pp. 115-135. ISBN 9781409403593

Rumney, P. (2010) Attitudes to rape. New Criminal Law Review, 13 (4). p. 641. ISSN 1933-4192

Rumney, P. and Hanley, N. (2010) Attitudes towards male rape. Socio-Legal Studies Association Newsletter , 9 (61). p. 9.

Rumney, P. and Natalia, H. (2010) The mythology of male rape: Social attitudes and law enforcement. In: McGlynn, C. and Munro, V., eds. (2010) Rethinking Rape Law: National, International and European perspectives. London: Routledge, pp. 295-307. ISBN 9780415610667

Rumney, P. and van der Bijl, C. (2010) Rape, attitudes and law enforcement in South Africa. New Criminal Law Review, 13 (4). pp. 826-840. ISSN 19334192

Ryder, N. (2010) Irresponsible lending - the Financial Services Authority strikes back! Financial Regulation International, Dec. pp. 14-16.

Ryder, N. (2010) To prosecute or not to prosecute … that is the question. Financial Regulation International, 12 (10). pp. 17-20. ISSN 1473-3323

Ryder, N. (2010) World council of credit unions. In: Tietje, C. and Brouder, A., eds. (2010) Handbook of Transnational Economic Governance Regimes. Brill, pp. 479-488. ISBN 9789004163300

Ryder, N. (2010) The financial services authority and proceeds of crime act -too little too late? Financial Regulation International, Sept. pp. 8-9.

Ryder, N. (2010) The shaping of credit union development: a critical anaysis of the role of legislative frameworks, politics and the economy on credit union growth in the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. Lambert Academic Publishing.

Singh, L. and Shulman, M. (2010) China's implementation of the UN sales convention through arbitral tribunals. Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, 48 (2). pp. 242-287. ISSN 0010-1931

Smith, T. (2010) The zealous advocate in the 21st century: Concepts and conflicts for the criminal defence lawyer. PhD, University of the West of England.

Turksen, U. (2010) Protection seekers, states and the new security agenda: comparison of anti-terrorism legislation in the U.S, UK and Australia. Izmir, Turkey: Altın Nokta Publishing. ISBN 9789756146651

Turksen, U., Blanco, E. and Dung, A. T. (2010) Evolving to perfection? Enforcement of international arbitral awards in Vietnam. The journal of world investment and trade, 11 (6).

Turksen, U. and Chambers, C. (2010) E-banking and e-fraud: A comparative investigation in Jamaica and the UK. Cyberlaws 2010.

Turksen, U. and Nguyen, P. (2010) ‘The honeymoon is over’. Vietnam and the WTO: a critique of foreign direct investment commitments in banking and distribution services. Journal of World Investment and Trade, 11 (4). pp. 601-650. ISSN 1660-7112

van der Bijl, C. and Rumney, P. (2010) Attitudes, rape and law reform in South Africa. Journal of Criminal Law, 73 (5). pp. 414-449. ISSN 0022-0183

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