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Angouri, J. and Marra, M. (2011) ‘Ok one last thing for today then’: Constructing corporate identities in meeting talk. In: Angouri, J. and Marra, M., eds. (2011) Constructing Identities at Work. London: Palgrave, pp. 85-103. ISBN 9780230272378 Available from:

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Aston, J. and Gaudenzi, S. and UWE Digital Cultures Research Centre (2011) i-docs website. [Creative work: general category] Available from:


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Bracegirdle, J. (2011) Design course at LEGO group. In: Character Design Course at LEGO group, LEGO design studio, Billund, Denmark, 2011. Available from:


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Daller, M., Yildiz, C., De Jong, N., Kan, S. and Basbagi, R. (2011) Language dominance in Turkish German bilinguals: methodological aspects of measurements in structurally different languages in Daller, M. H. (ed.). The measurement of bilingual proficiency. Special issue 2011. The International Journal of Bilingualism, 15 (2). pp. 215-236. ISSN 1367-0069 Available from:

Davies, K. (2011) Temporal territory: Visualising Royal Wootton Bassett and the ceremonial borders of the United Kingdom. PhD, Central Connecticut State University, USA. Available from:

Dean, J. and Klega, K. (2011) idonthaveyourmarbles. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

Draper, S. (2011) Language and the Anglo-Saxon landscape: Towards an archaeological interpretation of place-names in Wiltshire. In: Higham , N. J. and Ryan , M. J., eds. (2011) Place-Names, Language and the Anglo-Saxon Landscape. Woodbridge: Boydell Press, pp. 85-104. ISBN 9781843836032 Available from:

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Dunham, J., Grant, I. H. and Watson, S. (2011) Idealism: the history of a philosophy. London: Acumen. ISBN 9781844652419 Available from:


Flynn, M. K. (2011) The Maze/Long Kesh: Contested heritage and peace-building in Northern Ireland. In: Andrews, M., Baggot Jewitt, C. and Hunt, N., eds. (2011) Lest We Forget: Remembrance and Commemoration. The History Press, pp. 134-140. ISBN 9780752459653 Available from:

Fraser, S. (2011) Wootton Bassett. [Performance] Available from:


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Morrissey, S. (2011) A fire in the masters house is set. [Show/Exhibition] Available from:

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Oldham, A. (2011) Bonnington Square. [Video] Available from:


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Sonwalkar, P. (2011) Paid news: Democratic deficit, murdochisation and bollywood-isation of news in Indian journalism. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism. ISSN 1464-8849 [In Press] Available from:

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Thompson, S. and Hoggett, P. (2011) Recognition and ambivalence. In: Thompson, S. and Yar, M., eds. (2011) The Politics of Misrecognition. Ashgate. ISBN 9781409401698 Available from:

Thompson, S. and Yar, M., eds. (2011) The politics of misrecognition. Ashgate. ISBN 9781409401698 Available from:

Tincknell, E. (2011) Goldie Hawn: A dumb blonde for the baby boomer generation. In: Swinnen, A. and Stotesbury, J. A., eds. (2011) Aging, Performance and Stardom: Doing Age on the Stage of Consumerist Culture. (2) Lit Verlag. ISBN 9783643501875 Available from:

Tincknell, E. (2011) The time and the place: Music and costume and the "affect" of history in the New Zealand films of Jane Campion. In: Fox, A., Radner, H. and Grant, B. K., eds. (2011) New Zealand Cinema: Interpreting the Past. Intellect. ISBN 9781841504254 Available from:

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van den Anker, C. (2011) The role of governments in trafficking and migrant labour exploitation: Towards making human rights accessible. In: Brysk, A. and Choi-Fitzpatrick, A., eds. (2011) Human Trafficking and Human Rights: Rethinking Contemporary Slavery. United States of America: University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 157-171. ISBN 9780812222760 Available from:


Walters, P., Huson, D., Parraman, C. and Stanić, M. (2011) 3D printing in colour: technical evaluation and creative applications. In: Hoskins, S., ed. (2011) Impact 6 Proceedings. Bristol: Impact Press, University of the West of England, pp. 31-39. ISBN 978-1-906501-03-7 Available from:

Witt, M. (2011) School based working memory training: Preliminary finding of improvement in children's mathematical performance. Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 7. pp. 7-15. ISSN 1895-1171 Available from:

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