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Blanco, E. and Razzaque, J. (2011) Globalisation and natural resources law: Challenges, key issues and perspectives. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 9781848442498 Available from:


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Muir, K., Brown, C. and Madill, A. (2011) Does talking really make you feel better? The fading affect bias: Effects of social disclosure to an interactive versus non-responsive audience. In: International Conference on Memory 5, York, UK, 31 July to 5 August 2011. Available from:


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Ritchie, F. (2011) Disclosure control of analytical outputs. Working Paper. WISERD Data Resources. Available from:

Ritchie, F. (2011) Provision of ONS data for analysis: Safe use, not safe data. Working Paper. Office for National Statistics. Available from:

Ritchie, F. (2011) Secure data service risk assessment. Office for National Statistics. Available from:

Ritchie, F. (2011) Statistical disclosure control in a research environment. Working Paper. WISERD Data Resources. Available from:

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Ryder, N. (2011) The development of credit unions in the United Kingdom - A critical review of government policies since 1997. In: Banking seeking the new paradigm, Winchester University, September 28, 2011. Available from:


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Thomas, J., George, S. and Cicmil, S. (2011) Building knowledge about the management of large-scale research projects: The value of a good case. In: IRNOP ’11, Montreal, Canada, June, 2011. Available from:

Thomas, J., George, S. and Cicmil, S. (2011) Mapping the dynamics of management innovation: The case of project management. In: IRNOP ’11, Montreal, Canada, June, 2011. Available from:

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