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Carter, B., Danford, A., Howcroft, D., Richardson, H., Smith, A. and Taylor, P. (2011) Lean and mean in the civil service: The case of processing in HM Revenue and Customs. Public Money and Management, 31 (2). pp. 115-123. ISSN 0954-0962

Chambers-Jones, C. (2011) The Vickers report. Business Law Review, 32 (11). pp. 280-292. ISSN 0021-9460

Chen, J. (2011) Newcomer adjustment and the role of supervisor: Evidence from two studies in China. Centre for Employment Studies Research (CESR) Review, Bristol Business School, University of West of England., 7/2011.

Chen, J. and Eldridge, D. (2011) The missing link in newcomer adjustment: The role of perceived organizational support and leader-member exchange. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 19 (1). pp. 71-88. ISSN 1934-8835

Danford, A., Carter, B., Howcroft, D., Richardson, H., Smith, A. and Taylor, P. (2011) All they lack is a chain: Lean and the new performance management in the British civil service. New Technology, Work And Employment, 26 (2). pp. 83-97. ISSN 0268-1072

Fleetwood, S. (2011) Laws and tendencies in Marxist political economy. Capital & Class, 36 (2). pp. 235-262. ISSN 0309-8168

Fleetwood, S. (2011) Powers and tendencies revisited. Journal of Critical Realism, 10 (1). pp. 80-99. ISSN 1476-7430

Fraher, A. L. (2011) Hero-making as a defence against the anxiety of responsibility and risk: A case study of US airways flight 1549. Organisational and Social Dynamics, 11 (1). pp. 59-78. ISSN 1474-2780

Fry, S. and Ritchie, F. (2011) Impact of the recession on household expenditure. Family Spending, 2011 (1). pp. 84-124. ISSN 0965-1403

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Hall, M., Purcell, J., Hutchinson, S. and Terry, M. (2011) Promoting effective consultation? Assessing the impact of the ICE Regulations. British Journal Of Industrial Relations, 51 (2). pp. 355-381. ISSN 1467-8543

Jones, J. (2011) Trafficking internet brides. Information and Communications Technology Law Journal, 20 (1). pp. 19-33. ISSN 1360-0834

Knights, D. and Thanem, T. (2011) Gendered incorporations: Critically embodied reflections on the gender divide in organisation studies. International Journal of Work Organisation and Emotion, 4 (3/4). pp. 217-235. ISSN 1740-8938

Kumar, V., Mishra, N., Chan, F. and Verma, A. (2011) Managing warehousing in an agile supply chain environment: An F-AIS algorithm based approach. International Journal of Production Research, 49 (21). pp. 6407-6426. ISSN 0020-7543

Petrini, K., Piwek, L., Crabbe, F., Pollick, F. E. and Garrod, S. (2011) The precuneus role in third-person perspective of dyadic social interaction. Perception, 40 (Suppl.). pp. 87-88. ISSN 0301-0066

Pollick, F., Steel, W., Tan, H., Piwek, L., Crabbe, F. and Ahlstrom, U. (2011) A new action library for localising brain activity specific to biological motion. Journal of Vision, 11 (11). p. 683. ISSN 1534-7362

Purchase, V., Parry, G., Valerdi, R., Nightingale, D. and Mills, J. (2011) Enterprise transformation: Why are we interested, what is it and what are the challenges? Journal of Enterprise Transformation, 1 (1). pp. 14-33. ISSN 1948-8289

Ritchie, F. (2011) Secure data service risk assessment. Office for National Statistics.

Book Section

Claydon, L. (2011) Law, neuroscience, and criminal culpability. In: Freeman, M., ed. (2011) Law and Neuroscience. (Volume) Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 141-169. ISBN 978019959984

Durbin, S. (2011) Knowledge creation, call centres and gender: A critical perspective. In: Krings, B.-J., ed. (2011) Brain Drain or Brain Gain: Changes of work in knowledge-based societies. Berlin: Sigma, pp. 241-260. ISBN 9783894049447

Morey, Y., Bengry-Howell, A. and Griffin, C. (2011) Public profiles, private parties: Exploring the ethical dilemmas posed by digital ethnography in the context of Web 2.0. In: Heath, S. and Walker, C., eds. (2011) Innovations in Youth Research. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 195-209. ISBN 9780230278493

Quenivet, N. (2011) Human rights law and peacekeeping operations. In: Odello, M. and Piotrowicz, R., eds. (2011) International military missions and international law. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff, pp. 99-143. ISBN 9789004174375

Ridley-Duff, R. and Seanor, P. (2011) Leadership and social entrepreneurship. In: Ridley-Duff, R. and Bull, M., eds. (2011) Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory & Practice. SAGE Publications, pp. 193-209. ISBN 9781848601987

Ridley-Duff, R., Seanor, P. and Bull, M. (2011) Measuring social outcomes and impacts. In: Ridley-Duff, R. and Bull, M., eds. (2011) Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory & Practice. SAGE Publications, pp. 230-246. ISBN 9781848601987

Ridley-Duff, R., Seanor, P. and Bull, M. (2011) Social and ethical capital. In: Ridley-Duff, R. and Bull, M., eds. (2011) Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory & Practice. SAGE Publications, pp. 82-98. ISBN 9781848601987

Riley, S., Brown, R., Griffin, C. and Morey, Y. (2011) Tribal gatherings: Using art to disseminate research on club culture. In: Reavey, P., ed. (2011) Visual Methods in psychology: using and interpreting images in qualitative research. UK: Psychology Press, pp. 190-204. ISBN 978-0415483483

Report or Working Paper

Razzaque, J. (2011) Business, human rights and the environment. Working Paper. Centre for Legal Research, UWE Bristol, Bristol.

Ritchie, F. (2011) Disclosure control of analytical outputs. Working Paper. WISERD Data Resources.

Ritchie, F. (2011) Provision of ONS data for analysis: Safe use, not safe data. Working Paper. Office for National Statistics.

Ritchie, F. (2011) Statistical disclosure control in a research environment. Working Paper. WISERD Data Resources.

Conference or Workshop Item

Cicmil, S. (2011) How dare you? Introducing critical pedagogy to conceptualise the topic of sustainability in executive business education. In: Human Rights, The Corporation and the Environment Seminar, Belfast, UK, June, 2011.

Cicmil, S. (2011) Multi-disciplinarity and multiculturalism in sustainability education: Pedagogy of risk and ethics. In: Education for Sustainable Development Conference, May 2011, Bristol, UK, May, 2011.

Cicmil, S. and Gaggiotti, H. (2011) Project deadline: A precondition for survival? In: CMS Conference, Naples, Italy, July, 2011.

Muir, K., Brown, C. and Madill, A. (2011) Does talking really make you feel better? The fading affect bias: Effects of social disclosure to an interactive versus non-responsive audience. In: International Conference on Memory 5, York, UK, 31 July to 5 August 2011.

Ritchie, F. and Welpton, R. (2011) Incentive compatibility in secure research facilities. In: Incentive compatibility in secure research facilities, Washington D.C..

Ritchie, F. and Welpton, R. (2011) Sharing risks, sharing benefits: Data as a public good. In: Work session on statistical data confidentiality 2011; Eurostat, Tarragona, Spain, 26th - 28th October, 2011.

Ruan, X., Ochieng, E. and Price, A. (2011) The evaluation of social network analysis applications in the UK construction industry. In: The 27th ARCOM Annual Conference (Association of Researchers in Construction Management), Bristol, UK, 5-7 September 2011., pp. 423-432

Ryder, N. R. (2011) The development of credit unions in the United Kingdom - A critical review of government policies since 1997. In: Banking seeking the new paradigm, Winchester University, September 28, 2011.

Seanor, P., Bull, M. and Baines, S. (2011) Context, narratives, drawings, & boundary objects: Where social enterprises draw the line. In: ISBE Conference, Sheffield, 9-10 November 2011.

Thomas, J., George, S. and Cicmil, S. (2011) Building knowledge about the management of large-scale research projects: The value of a good case. In: IRNOP ’11, Montreal, Canada, June, 2011.

Thomas, J., George, S. and Cicmil, S. (2011) Mapping the dynamics of management innovation: The case of project management. In: IRNOP ’11, Montreal, Canada, June, 2011.


Blanco, E. and Razzaque, J. (2011) Globalisation and natural resources law: Challenges, key issues and perspectives. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 9781848442498

Fraher, A. L. (2011) ‘Thinking through crisis’: Improving teamwork and leadership in high risk fields. New York: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978-0521757539

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