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Items where School or Centre is "Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences" and Year is 1994

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Badlan, K. (1994) Home Intravenous Therapy in Cystic Fibrosis. INPRINT.

Bunt, L. (1994) Music therapy: an art beyond words (5th printing - 2002). London: UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 0-415-08702-3


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Ferguson, H. (1994) Managing to practice child protection: Key elements of a child-centred approach. Irish Social Worker.

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Hughes, M. (1994) a strategy for IT within nurse education. In: Healthcare Computing 94, Harrogate, 1 January 1994.

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Means, R. (1994) From Special Needs Housing to Independent Living. In: SPA Conference, University of Liverpool, UK, 12 July 1994.

Means, R. (1994) Towards Citizenship?: 'Special' Housing Needs and Policy Responses in Woodspring. UNSPECIFIED.

Miers, M. (1994) Proposing the motion Feminism has failed nursing. In: Sociology and Nursing: Equal partners? Conference, York, UK, 1 September 1994.

Miers, M. (1994) The Sociel Construction of Breast Care Nursing. In: British Sociological Association Medical Sociology Group Conference, York, UK, 1 September 1994.


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Sellman, D. (1994) Loss of confidence. Nursing Standard, 9 (1). pp. 54-55.

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West, S. (1994) The Efficacy of 40% Salicylic Acid Corn Plasters. The Foot, 4. pp. 145-150.

West, S. (1994) The Future of Osteopathic Education Post Osteopathic Bill. External Report. UNSPECIFIED.

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