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Ahmad, Y. (1985) Initial training in youth and community work. In: Youth and Policy Conference, Newcastle, UK, 1985. Available from:

Allen, M. (1985) Use of computer games in assisting nurses to learn about infection control. In: Sixteenth Annual Control of Infection Symposium, University of Southampton, UK, 17 - 20 September 1985. Available from:


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Pollock, J. (1985) Vitamin C biosynthesis in Tarsius: New evidence for an anthropoid origin. In: American Association of Anthropologists, Kentucky, Tennessee, USA, 1985. Available from:

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Wardley, P. (1985) Modelling aspects of British extractive industries. In: Economic and Social Research Council QEHSG, Cardiff, UK , September, 1985. Available from:

Wardley, P. (1985) Productivity, mechanization and the labour market in the Cleveland ironstone industry, 1874-1914. In: First World Congress of Cliometrics, Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago, 1985. Available from:

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