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Bird, D. J. and Baker, B. I. (1989) An immunological study of the secretory activity of neurons producing melanin-concentrating hormone in a teleost. Neuroscience, 28 (1). pp. 245-251. ISSN 0306-4522

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Ferguson, H. (1989) The Cleveeland child sex abuse crisis: Historical and cultural reflections. In: Child Care and Development Group Seminiar Series, Cleveland, UK, 25th April, 1989.

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Olomolaiye, P. (1989) Motivation and productivity of bricklayers. Technical Information Service / Chartered Institute of Building (115).

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Robinson, E., Caswell, F., Shenton, T. and Hek, G. (1989) A Bristol experience: Benefits and cost of an 'Asthma Nurse' visiting the homes of asthmatic children. Bristol Medico-Chirugical Journal, 104. pp. 11-12.

Ross, K. (1989) Why do Clinical Practitioners Decide to Become Educationalists? In: Research in Clinical Nursing Conference, Oxford, UK, 1 January 1989.

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Wijesundera, D., Olomolaiye, P. and Harris, F. C. (1989) Dynamic simulation applied to materials handling in high rise construction. In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Civil and Structural Engineering Computing , 1989.

Worthing, D. (1989) Energy efficient windows. Project Report. Bristol Polytechnic.

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