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Albarran, J. (1991) A review of communication with intubated patients and those with trachestomies within the intensive care environment. Intensive Care Nursing, 7. pp. 179-186. ISSN 0266-612X Available from:

Bagnall, G. M. and Plant, M. (1991) HIV/AIDS risks, alcohol and illicit drug use among young adults in areas of high and low rates of HIV infection. AIDS Care, 3 (4). pp. 335-361. ISSN 0954-0121 Available from:

Baldwin, M. and Taylor, P. (1991) Monitoring of anti-racist practice in practice placements. Social Work Education. Available from:

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Berragan (nee Watson), E. (1991) Patterns of death. Journal of District Nursing, 9 (8). pp. 10-16. Available from:

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Harrison, M., McEwen, L. and Mills, C. (1991) Going modular what's in it for geography? (discussion papers). Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 15 (2). pp. 211-214. ISSN 0309-8265 Available from:

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Naidoo, J. (1991) Medical outreach or community health? Community Development Journal, 26 (3). pp. 240-242. ISSN 0010-3802 Available from:

Olomolaiye, P. (1991) Materials management practice and waste on Nigerian building sites. Building Research and Information, 19 (1). pp. 38-42. ISSN 0961-3218 Available from:

Plant, M. (1991) Alcohol, sex and AIDS. Alcoholism, 1. pp. 1-14. Available from:

Plant, M. (1991) Alcohol and pregnancy update. The Quarterly Newsletter for General Practitioners (4). Available from:

Plant, M. (1991) Taking a drinking history: Guidelines for practitioners. The Quarterly Newsletter for General Practice (2). Available from:

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Smart, G. (1991) Medic 1: Pre-hospital emergency care in Seattle USA. 999 Emergency Services Journal. Available from:

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Ward, R. (1991) The modern lepers. Nursing Times, 87 (41). ISSN 0954-7762 Available from:

Wardley, P. (1991) The anatomy of big business: Aspects of corporate development in the twentieth century. Business History, 33 (2). pp. 268-296. ISSN 0007-6791 Available from:

Wardley, P. and Middleton, R. (1991) Annual review of information technology developments for economic and social historians, 1990. Economic History Review, 44 (2). pp. 343-393. ISSN 0013-0117 Available from:

Wardley, P. and Middleton, R. (1991) From the wings to centre stage: The role of IT in a resurgent economic history. Computer Applications in Business and the Social Sciences, 2 (2). pp. 1-18. Available from:

West, S. (1991) The Road to Getting Published. The Journal of British Medicine. Available from:

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Book Section

Rumsey, N. (1991) Counselling and disfigurement. In: Davis, H. and Fallowfield, L., eds. (1991) Counselling and Communication in Health Care. Wiley. ISBN 9780471928188 Available from:

Report or Working Paper

UNSPECIFIED (1991) Attending Antenatal Labour Preparation Classes. External Report. UNSPECIFIED. Available from:

Evans, J. A. and Pollock, J. (1991) Parental smoking. Project Report. Health Promotion Research Trust. Available from:

Farren, C., Tilson, J., Woodhouse, K., Doyal, L., Naidoo, J. and Orme, J. (1991) Smoking and minority ethnic groups resource pack. Project Report. HEA. Available from:

Gravelle, I. H., Mansell, R. E., West, R. R. and Miers, M. (1991) A prospective study of the significance of the Wolfe mammographic patterns in predicting future breast cancer risk. Project Report. University of the West of England, Bristol. Available from:

Gray, S. (1991) A report for the public health intervention working group. Project Report. University of the West of England, Bristol. Available from:

Hek, G. (1991) Uptake of district nursing by Asian elders: A short report. Project Report. Avon & Glostershire College of Health. Available from:

Hoyes, L. and Means, R. (1991) Impelemting the white paper on community care. Project Report. DQM nO 4. Available from:

Olomolaiye, P. (1991) Evaluation of materials handling methods on construction sites. Project Report. School of Engineering and the Built Environment. Available from:

Plant, M. (1991) The age of the lager lout? Project Report. Annual Report, Glasgow, UK. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) Attending antenatal parentcraft classes. Project Report. Health Promotion Research Trust. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) Completing the primary vaccination course. Project Report. Health Promotion Research Trust. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) Continuing to breast-feed. Project Report. Health Promotion Research Trust. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) Vaccination against measles. Project Report. Health Promotion Research Trust. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) A comparative and further analysis of parental health behaviour. Project Report. Health Promotion Research Trust. Available from:

Rumsey, N., Wilkinson, S. and Walker, R. (1991) Group stress management programmes versus pharmacological treatment for the irritable bowel syndrome. Project Report. Oxford University Press. Available from:

Taylor, P. (1991) Consumer involvement in health care. Project Report. Swindon Health Authority. Available from:

Thomas, P. W. and Pollock, J. (1991) Starting to breast-feed. Project Report. Health Promotion Trust. Available from:

Conference or Workshop Item

Ahmad, Y. (1991) Community development and the politics of empowerment. In: Symposium on The Future of the Medium-sized City, University of Hanover, Germany, 1991. Available from:

Clapham, D., Munro, M. and Means, R. (1991) Housing, the life course and older people. In: Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology, University of Manchester, UK, 20th September, 1991. Available from:

Dewer, S. (1991) The concept of supernumerary status. In: Mid Wales Nursing Association, Abergavenny, UK, 1991. Available from:

Downing, A. (1991) The significance of pelvic biomechanics in pregnancy and childbirth. In: 11th International Congress of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, London, UK, 28th July, 1991. Available from:

Ferguson, H. (1991) Cleveland in history: Protecting sexually abused children since 1880. In: Child Sexual Abuse, Past and Present Conference, Stoke on Trent, UK, March, 1991. Available from:

Ferguson, H. (1991) The power to protect abused children: Reflections on child protection and the Cleveland affair. In: Irish Association of Social Workers Annual Conference, Mullingar, Ireland, May 1991. Available from:

Gateley, C. and Miers, M. (1991) The Cardiff mastalgia clinic experience of the natural history of mastalgia. In: British Breast Group Conference, Manchster, UK, March 1991. Available from:

Gordon, M. (1991) The geriatric team's ability to predict post discharge outcome. In: Society for Research into Rehabilitation, Bristol University, UK, 1991. Available from:

Gurney, C. and Means, R. (1991) The Meaning of Home in Later Life. In: Annual Conference of the British Society of Gerontology, University of Manchester, UK, 20 September 1991. Available from:

Miers, M. (1991) Symptoms on follow up of benign breast disease. In: British Breast Group Conference, Manchester, UK, March, 1991. Available from:

Olomolaiye, P. (1991) A model of post tender materials management on large construction sites. In: Proceedings of the 4th Yugoslavia Symposium on Organisation Management in Construction, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 1991., pp. 165-170 Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) Explaining social heterogeneity in disease susceptibility: The case of two common communicable diseases. In: Department of Epidemilogy and Medical Statistics, London Hospital Medical College, UK, 20th November, 1991. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) Social epidemiology of chickenpox and measles infections in a national cohort. In: Society for Social Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting, Southampton, UK, 12th September, 1991. Available from:

Pollock, J. (1991) The evolution of human societies. In: Summer School for Visually Impaired Adults, Bristol University, UK, 11th July, 1991. Available from:

Wardley, P. (1991) Aspects of corporate development in the twentieth century: The anatomy of Britain's fifty largest companies in 1904, 1934 and 1985 by absolute size, relative size, concentration, geographical location and inter-locking directorates. In: ESRC Quantitative Economic History Conference , Coventry, UK, 1991. Available from:

Wardley, P. (1991) Big business and the emergence of the modern corporation. In: Business History Unit , London, 13th May, 1991. Available from:

Zverovich, V. (1991) The binding number of almost every graph. In: The 14th Conference on Discrete Mathematics of the South Science Centre of the AN USSR, Odessa, Ukraine, 1991. Available from:


Goos, C., Osterberg, E., Keup, W. and Plant, M. (1991) Alcohol and drugs: Research and policy. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 9780748601134 Available from:

Greed, C. (1991) Surveying sisters: Women in a traditional male profession. 1991. London and New York: Routledge. ISBN 0415048451 Available from:

Green, J., Ollerenshaw, P. and Wardley, P. (1991) Business in Avon and Somerset: A survey of archives. Business History Centre at Bristol Polytechnic. ISBN 1871056365 Available from:


Ratcliffe, N. M. (1991) Preparation of conductive films and their use as gas sensors. British Aerospace Public Limited Company. EP0411793A3 / US5089294. Available from:

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